Tips For Traveling With Incontinence

Lounging on a beach towel under the warm sun while admiring children as they construct sand castles and listening to the ocean waves crash against each other illuminates the most relaxing vacation. The main objective of taking a vacation after all is to get in some much needed relaxation. The last thing anyone needs is to be worried about finding the closest restroom while in the midst of being at beaches, museums, amusement parks, or traveling to the destination.

For the 25 million Americans who experience urinary incontinence, traveling on planes, trains, or in cars is possible with the help of many incontinence products. Urine leakage always seems to happen at the worst possible time, and learning to manage it while traveling will prevent a stressful vacation.

Planning a vacation is time consuming especially when planning around incontinence. Having incontinence products shipped via a free home delivery program is a time-saving and cost-effective method when preparing a trip. The incontinence products are delivered right to your door each month saving you the hassle of rushing out to the store when your supply is low.

The following is a list of tips and advice for how to manage incontinence while traveling:


* While traveling on planes or trains make sure to sit in an aisle seat to easily access the bathrooms when needed. Sitting in an aisle seat will prevent moving in front of other passengers every time nature calls. In case urine leakage causes stains or odor, an aisle seat can also provide more confidence when sitting in a confined space for a long time.

* Planes and trains have limited waste disposal facilities which cause difficulties disposing incontinence products. Wearing a product designed for maximum protection such as protective underwear can retain greater amounts of urine leakage and control odor for lengthy plane and train commutes.

* Automobiles are a convenient mode of transportation when experiencing incontinence since rest areas are more prevalent along major highways and interstates. Having a GPS system in the automobile is essential. It provides a list of restaurants, gas stations, and other points of interest which, in turn, will give directions to the closest location for a bathroom.


* Paying close attention to food and liquid intake while traveling can manage incontinence easier. Limit intake of salty snacks, alcohol, caffeine, and don’t drink anything three to four hours prior to sleeping.

* Also, a person’s understanding of which types of foods and liquids stimulate their incontinence and which foods alleviate incontinence is helpful to get the most out of every minute in paradise.

Travel Kit: A travel kit should include:

* Plastic bags with twisty ties for clean and easy disposal
* Hand wipes and antibacterial cleansing products
* Include a variety of incontinence products:
* Pads and liners for the lightest urinary leakage (small enough to fit in purses and briefcases)
* Incontinence pants for the light to moderate urinary leakage when used with pads and liners
* Protective underwear (also known as adult pull-ups) for moderate to heavy urinary leakage
* Adult diapers for maximum urinary leakage protection
* Extra undergarments, pants, and outer clothes
* Travel soap bars and disposable wash clothes
* Organizing these items into a small duffel bag or a backpack makes it easier to travel. It’s small enough to be used as a carry-on luggage on airplanes or to fit in the luggage compartment on a train or bus.

Plan Ahead:

* Whether traveling en-route to your destination or relishing the sights and sounds of the vacation, plan bathroom breaks every 20 to 30 minutes following meals.

* When visiting tourist attractions look at a map or ask guides for the location of the restrooms in case a get-a-way is needed. Since the incontinence travel pack is easily accessible, returning to the enjoyment of the expedition is quick and effortless.

* Since a person’s daily routine of diet and exercise is changed while traveling, keeping a record of blood pressure and cholesterol is vital for good health and a preventative measure against the occurrence of incontinence.

Living with incontinence is simple and trouble-free if knowing how to manage and control the urinary leakage. With all the variety of incontinence products available, traveling can be more effortless than ever before. Worry about having fun on vacation, and don’t worry about incontinence.

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